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Oral Surgery

Dr. Gray has over 27 years of experience in oral surgery, including extracting impacted wisdom teeth and placing dental implants.

Urgent Care Examinations.

Dr. Gray is available for emergencies to all patients. Treatments such as infections, loss of fillings or crowns, and unexplained tooth aches.

Painless procedures

Dr. Gray provides painless dentistry by offering patients different options for a more relaxed and enjoyable appointment. We want our patients to feel comfortable from the moment they step in our office. We provide blankets and pillows to make you feel right at home.

Comprehensive Examinations.

Dr. Gray provides extended oral evaluations to each and every one of his patients. Patients can receive radiographs, a tooth by tooth visual oral examination to evaluate restorative care if needed, and periodontal measurements to access the quality of bone around the teeth.

Powdersville Dental Clinic

New office located in Easley, SC on Powdersville Rd. We strive to keep dental costs low for our patients. Our goal is to provide each patient with dedicated individual care. We accept most insurances and are proud to say that we also accept Healthy Connections Medicaid! Dr. Gray can take care of many dental issues including, but not limited to, dental implants, dentures, partials, extractions, fillings, and more!!

The best reference

About the Dentist.

Dr. Gordon Gray, DMD. General Dentist. A graduate of The University of North Carolina and The Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry, has practiced dentistry in the upstate of South Carolina since 1993.



 Comprehensive exams, Study Models, Panorex, Treatment Plan Options, and Cost Estimates   are available.

If you lost yours


 Limited oral exams, panorex or single arch X-ray, problem centered and focused, Treatment options, 

and cost estimates.



Fillings, crowns, bridges, Implants placed and restored, Extractions, including impacted wisdom teeth. Dentures and partials including Implant retained appliances. Periodontal treatments including cleanings and charting.

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Rob G.

Travelers Rest, SC

I recently underwent extensive implant work with Dr.Gray. Through I had never considered dental implants before. I myst say that I found the stuff and the work of Dr.Gray. to be exceptional in every way.

The work required some patience , good work takes time, but the conditions were not compromised in any way , and the results exceeded my expectations. Dr. Gray. excercized graet patience and carefulness in establishing the strong bone support I needed for the implants. He answered all my questions throughtout. And as a bit of reluctant expert as a dental
patient over the years,I must also say that the quality of lab work was far better that average.
I think it helps when the dentist has a good working relationship with tha lab.

In summary the work was excellent and reasonable. I highly recommended the practice

Connie Deavers.

Dr. Gordon Gray placed an implant in my mouth over 10 years ago. The procedure for this was very simple. No Pain while placing the implant and after the procedure also no discomfort. After the implant was placed, it had to fuse to my bone for about three months. Then a procedure was done for the crown that fit over the implant. After two weeks, my gold crown was placed over the implant. I have not had any problems what so ever with my implant or my gold crown. I also had three other teeth with gold crowns placed. I have not had any problems with any of my dental work which was done. I love my gold crowns. They feel just like my real teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Gordon Gray for all dental procedures. Thank you again Dr. Gray for the great dental work you have done for me.


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